Marketing Training

​Our mission is to build a supportive and collaborative community for marketers, regardless of their industry.

You could even say we’re building a CULT of great marketers


As marketing leaders, we often find ourselves caught up in the hecticness of marketing, without designating time to step back and reflect. Sometimes, we can even feel isolated in our decision-making process, or within the wider business.  

But you’re not alone. You are part of a worldwide cult of marketers! 

Marketing coaching provides you with a supportive and confidential space to explore what’s important to you and your role. A coach becomes your impartial thinking partner and sounding board. They help you navigate challenging decisions, evolve your leadership capabilities and deliver personal career development and strategic objectives. 

With a background in marketing leadership, Elisha's been in your shoes, and has a solid understanding of marketing, meaning she can ask the right questions to help you on your journey. 

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The marketing industry is continuously evolving and adapting, so it’s important that professional development and innovation is a core value of your marketing team.


However, the most successful marketing teams are built on strong relationships and collaboration. 

We provide a range of marketing team development solutions that can be tailored to your businesses needs:

  • Team coaching 

  • Bespoke training programmes 

  • Marketing workshops 

  • One-to-one coaching 


Are you looking to improve your knowledge of marketing or require help develop your in-house teams? Whether you’re looking for 1-2-1 support or team training, we’re here to help.

Our tailored workshops are a great way to engage your wider business in marketing activity and can help develop your brand and embed the customer at the heart of your organisation. 


Meanwhile, our coaching and training programmes are a great way to develop your own skills and knowledge. 


If you looking for one-off advice or support around your marketing strategy or a project, then marketing consultancy services would be right for you.  

Conversation Between Colleagues


Our coaching and training programmes are delivered by experienced marketing leader and CULT founder Elisha Dignam. 

After over a decade of leading successful marketing departments client-side, Elisha launched CULT Marketing to provide other businesses with a marketing agency who truly understands the pressures and requirements of their clients. 

As well as being a CIM qualified and Google certified marketer, Elisha also has a Diploma in Coaching from The University of Warwick.

Intrigued about why we’re called CULT? Head over to our About Us page to find out!