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21 Of The Best Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business in 2021

For many business owners, 2020 saw the need to adopt a more reactive approach to marketing, resulting in many plans going out of the window. However, with 2021 just around the corner, it’s time to start to think about next year’s plans and making that switch back to a proactive approach.

So if this year has left you feeling a little uninspired, here are 21 marketing tactics to include in your 2021 marketing plan.

  1. Create and test a new PPC landing page design for your top volume PPC campaign. If it works, roll the design across your other campaigns - Don’t forget to tailor your content to the search campaign.

  2. Identify your PPC advert with the lowest Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and create a new ad message to test - sometimes swapping long-winded sentences for short and snappy statements can increase CTR.

  3. Review the keywords which are triggering your PPC ads, and add any irrelevant searches into your negative keyword lists.

  4. Make your website clicks work harder by setting up remarketing campaigns for users who visit your site but don’t convert. Fancy levelling up? Try creating designated ads for particular sections of your website.

  5. Experiment with the lead form adverts on Facebook or LinkedIn - these are a great way to capture contact information without taking the user away from social media.

  6. Test optimising your website call-to-action buttons by changing the wording or the colour. It’s best practice to use a standalone colour for your main website call-to-action, so if you haven’t already, give this a try!

  7. Increase your mailable database by creating gated content on your website which requires a user to provide their email address before they can access a whitepaper or infographic.

  8. Refresh your case studies and your customer reviews to your website.

  9. Optimise your website design to work great on mobile - think about how your text, imagery and buttons will look on mobile devices.

  10. Google loves fast websites, so improve your website speed by working with your web developer to optimise the size of images on your website.

  11. Show the human side to your brand by posting a LinkedIn live video to recognise your staff and thank them for everything they do. If you're a solopreneur you can consider thanking your network/friends/family

  12. Research international and national awareness days that are relevant to your business/industry and plan posts around these for social media.

  13. Block out some time to write and schedule all of your social posts in advance. Try using a free social scheduling tool such as Hootsuite - This even works on your personal LinkedIn account!

  14. Create a new customer case study video that you can share on social media. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy and could even be recorded on your own smartphone!

  15. Try using to discover new long-tail keywords that your potential customers are asking Google. Plan content around these themes.

  16. Plan and host a webinar or virtual event to engage your target audience. With the pandemic set to continue into next year, virtual events are a popular way to engage with your audience.

  17. Run a survey on a topic related to your industry and publish your own report. To push this the extra mile, share your findings in a press release with relevant media outlets.

  18. Refresh your website content to make sure each page is targeted to the keyword you want to rank for. Don’t forget Google likes regularly updated content!

  19. Take the opportunity at the start of the year to tidy your CRM data - filling in any data gaps and making sure you’re only storing the information your Privacy Policy says you will.

  20. Create an automated email re-engagement campaign for customers you’ve lost.

  21. Create a marketing dashboard so that you can track your performance.


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