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October 2021 Marketing Wrap-up: Data analytics and professional profiles

October has now come to an end, and Christmas is almost on the horizon. If life isn't already busy for you, then it's about to.

Because we understand how busy work and life can be, we've created a quick wrap-up of some of the key news you may have missed from the marketing world this October.

Instagram insights on the audience reached and content type

Instagram adds new data analytics

Instagram has recently improved its data analytics by providing more performance insights for businesses and creators to take advantage of.

The new features are accounts engaged, engaged audience, reached audience, and increased transparency for creators who partner with brands. These insights will help you to learn more about your audience and measure your content performance.

This update will be beneficial for both businesses and creators. It will provide a more extensive view of your audience with more demographic information available, which will help you to build more detailed brand personas and optimise your performance and content strategy. It may also reduce the need for third-party apps for Instagram analytics.

If you still want to find out more about this new update, go and check out Instagram's announcement here.

Also, in October, Instagram finally started to allow users to upload photos and videos straight from their desktops. However, this does not yet include stories or reels.

Logo of Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft's new clarity integration

Also, with new insights this month is Microsoft with a new update to Microsoft Clarity. If you haven't tried it yet, Microsoft Clarity is a free user experience analytics tool that allows you to analyse your website performance and how users interact. It boasts a list of free features such as heat maps, session recordings and integrates with Google Analytics.

With this recent update, Microsoft Clarity announced the launch of a new pilot which will integrate the platform with Microsoft advertising. This new integration will help you better understand the buyer's journey through your website, understand user behaviour in-depth, as well as help to make more informed decisions on your website optimisation and with your advertising campaigns.

If you're new to website analytics or haven't already tried Microsoft Clarity, then we'd recommend creating an account with Microsoft Advertising. If you're unsure how to, check out this link with more information on this update and instructions on how to proceed.

For those already using the platform, contact your Account Manager to learn more!

Example of what Twitter's professional profiles look like

Twitter's professional profiles available to all

A few news stories from Twitter have come out during October that will affect your business and how you will use Twitter for marketing.

At the start of the month, Twitter opened up applications for professional profiles to all businesses. This feature was initially released back in April but wasn't made available to everyone. Now, anyone that owns a business can apply.

These profiles allow you to display specific information about your business, such as the location, operating hours, and contact information. Also, you can choose from three different profile modules to showcase key information about your business to help drive engagement and conversions.

Use this link here to apply for a professional profile today.

Facebook Group rebrands as Meta

Facebook announces group re-brand to Meta

And finally, we couldn't end October's round-up without mentioning the latest news from Mark Zuckerberg.

In this lasted Facebook news story, Zuckerberg announced that as the wider group continues to push into new territories of virtual reality, they are rebranding the company under the name Meta.

However, don't worry; the beloved Facebook app as you know it will remain unchanged. It's simply the wider group that is renaming. Over the years, the group has purchased additional platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram, so it makes sense that they want to remove the group affiliation with just one of their platforms.

Along with the launch, Zuckerberg also shared Meta's vision for the future of social media and virtual reality, the metaverse. If you haven't seen what the metaverse will look like, check it out here.


We hope you enjoyed and learned something from this quick wrap-up of marketing news.

As always, If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, contact us here.



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